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Starch and Grain Industries

With a long history of over 90 years VetterTec provides a range of dryers for drying of by-products and main products out of grain-based starch processes and grain-based processes to produce gluten, alcohol/ethanol, glucose, fructose etc.

With its experience VetterTec had build-up a deep know-how especially for corn and wheat-based processes. In addition solutions for pea starch, cassava starch and potato starch processes had been successfully implemented.

VetterTec provides mainly the following industries:

  • Corn Starch Industry / Corn Wet Milling
  • Wheat Starch Industry / Wheat Processing
  • Starch Industry for pulses, cassava/tapioca, potato and other starches

Main Applications

Mechanical Dewatering of
  • corn germs
  • corn fibres
  • wheat gluten
Indirect heated drying & direct convective drying of
  • corn germs
  • corn fibres
  • corn feed (fibres with CSL)
  • wheat feed (bran with concentrated protein side stream)
Direct convective drying of
  • starches (by Flash Dryers)
  • vital wheat gluten (by Full Ring Dryers)
Direct convective drying of
  • vital wheat gluten
Spray drying of
  • Amino Acids
  • Lysine
  • Maltodextrin
Complex energy integrated solutions
  • for the feed house
  • starch and gluten drying from the dewatering to the granulation of the product

VetterTec’s product portfolio includes the offering of customized and integrated dewatering, drying, evaporation and granulation systems. These systems are a combination of screw presses, dryer and evaporator or dryer and evaporator and are customized to multiply benefits in terms of energy reduction.

Today these systems constitute the market benchmark for minimized energy consumption and maximum integration in customer’s process comprising reuse of energy, thus reduction of CO2 emissions.

A single-point responsibility combined with an approved technology secures a high capital investment.

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