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Successful drying solutions for

Vegetable Oil Industries

Vegetable oil is utilized as inedible and edible oil, in both it plays a major role. In the inedible use for example as additives for perfumes, paints, shampoos. In the edible to add flavor or texture or to heat and cook food.

Vegetable oil is obtained by processing, respectively extraction of the oil from

  • soya beans
  • rapeseeds
  • olives
  • sunflower seeds

and other soft oilseeds.

A number of high-efficient, approved and reliable installations in various wet processing plants are operating around the world.

Depending on the seed some oil extraction processes also creating side stream with a high protein content. This side stream can be used for animal as well as for human diets.

The seeds are thermally conditioned as part of the refining process. Thermal treatment of the source material maximizes yield, deactivates enzymes that can be detrimental to quality, and removes solvents to produce a purer product. This presents a number of challenges including damage to or removal of nutrients, conversion to detrimental substances such as trans-fatty acids, impact on flavor and the risk of oxidation during the thermal process, which produces fatty acid damage.

VetterTec has a wide-ranging portfolio of references in the vegetable oil industries. Indirect steam heating using the VetterTec Tube Bundle Conditioner has proved itself as a highly efficient and effective method of achieving the right ‘condition' for the product. The VetterTec Tube Bundle Conditioner is known for the high reliability and quality as well as cost-effective operation.

With our long and successful track record as supplier of thermal conditioning equipment to the global vegetable oil extraction industry we are able to act as a strategic development partner and prepared to adopt our technology to new challenges in these industries.

Main Applications

VetterTec technology is focused on the processing of rapeseed, sunflower seeds, soya and olives as the source for vegetable oil. We are supplying reliable quality equipment for the following applications:

Mechanical Dewatering of
  • wet cakes

in front of the dryer

Drying of
  • soya meal
  • sunflower meal

after the toaster, by indirect heated dryers with steam

Conditioning of
  • rape seed (entire or flaked)
  • sunflower seeds
  • broken soya beans
  • other oil seeds

by indirect heated conditioners with steam

Desolventization of
  • oil seed grist
  • wet cake with solvents

removing the alcohol before the toaster, by indirect heated desolventizers (gas-tight tube bundle dryers) in an oxygenfree atmosphere

Drying of
  • Isolated Proteins, e.g. SPI (Soya Protein Isolate) as liquid stream

by Spray Drying (atomization and evaporation)

Drying of
  • Protein Streams (e.g. Sunflower Protein) in form of a cake or paste

by direct convective dryers with hot air

Your application is not on the list? Feel free to contact us:
we have several test facilities, combined with our long-term experience in the drying, conditioning and desolventization in the vegetable oil industries we would be pleased to consult for the best drying solution for your product.

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