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Successful drying solutions for

Food Industries

After successful launch of the spray drying technology and based on our excellent reputation approved in over 90 years of customer support, VetterTec has further developed its services to meet the specific requirements of the food industry.

A fully hygienic test and research centre is available to constantly improve our technologies, and to develop applications in close cooperation with our customers.

Drying Technology – Spray dryer

In the food industries we preferably offer and supply our spray dryer technologies. All our technologies are based on approved basic solutions, which we individually adopt to the specific customers needs. Our focus is always our customers success – which is then also ours.

We trust in that
‘Small differences in the design details likely cause big differences in the plant performance.’

We are capable to supply food spray dryer units from laboratory size from 1 kg of water evaporation and small chamber sizes, as well as small test production units up to full production dryers with chamber sizes up to 15m diameter. As the most of existing spray dryers in operation do have a potential for optimization in terms of capacity, operating conditions, and etc. we are capable to serve all services in order to make your spray dryer run better. As well VetterTec has a very solid 20 years expertise in explosion, fire and etc. safety procedures, We are competent and capable to make your existing spray dryer ready to meet latest legal safety requirements.

Our most modern test and research center inaugurated in 2018 has in the meantime performed better than expected.

This is a major step forward for VetterTec’s commitment to provide our customers with the most advanced and custom designed spray drying solution. We have already successfully completed several product developments for selected customers,”

says Dr. Frank Euring, Senior Food and Process Engineer at VetterTec.

New VetterTec Test Spray Dryer for food grade products (FDA-standard)

Main Applications

DRYING OF Proteins

Global population growth, new eating habits, lifestyle foods and rising standards of living are significantly boosting the demand for proteins for food and also non-food applications such as cosmetics. A lot of new processes were and are being developed to isolate or separate proteins from the different sources. With a long experience in agricultural products Vettertec drying systems are always able to cover the native variability of their physical properties. We have established as a reliable partner for new developments and sell approved solutions in many projects for a number of different proteins.

For example

  • plant-based proteins
  • fish-based proteins
  • milk-based proteins (whey protein)

and all other proteins extracted from various sources.

Drying of Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is typically extracted in a corn wet milling process, an application that Vettertec is working since 1930.

Drying of other applications

We do have experiences in:

  • vitamin mixes
  • oligo saccharides
  • food dyes (e.g. red beet / elderberry, carotin)
  • soups (e.g. chicken soup, green label food)
  • yeast
  • mineral mixes
  • flavours
  • fruit powders

Design Examples

VetterTec spray dryer CIRRUS NSD for babyfood ingredients

VetterTec spray dryer CUMULUS 3SSD for maltodextrin

VetterTec spray dryer in the dairy industry

VetterTec hygienic spray dryer in the food industry

VetterTec pilot spray dryer for food grade products

External fluidbed in VetterTec test spray dryer

VetterTec spray dryer for maltodextrin

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