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VetterTec Drying and Dewatering Technologies

Successful Drying Solutions

VetterTec as part of Moret industries group combines a total of more than 150 years of specialization and experience in evaporation, drying and dewatering equipment for the ethanol, brewery, starch, environmental, chemical and alcohol industries.

VetterTec systems and equipment are renowned for their design, engineering, process quality and efficiency. Spanning from fluid bed dryers, flash and ring dryers, industrial spray dryers, through the tube bundle dryers to evaporators, presses and brewery conveyors and storage equipment, customers have a wide range of flexible and fully customizable solutions to choose from.

All VetterTec systems are supported by the global service organization to enable you to achieve optimum 24x7 throughputs and on-spec quality for the entire lifetime of the equipment.

Click on the relevant link to the left to learn more about how VetterTec drying and dewatering systems can help you to achieve more, and additionally increase your return on investment.

VetterTec Dryers

As a leading supplier of industrial drying plants we are offering a broad range of direct and indirect industrial dryers. This includes tube bundle dryers, spray dryers, ring and flash dryers including coolers and evaporators.

In order to serve the constantly evolving needs of our customers, we have been working persistently and with great efforts to further improve and expand our delivery program.

Our plants and equipment have been established for over 90 years and during this time have achieved a world-wide reputation for quality, reliability and value for money.

Mechanical dewatering

Mechanical dewatering is the use of mechanical force to remove the water from the product. This method is the most efficient way to get rid of the water. VetterTec has over 90 years of experience in the mechanical dewatering.

Complex Drying Systems

On a solid bases of over 90 years application experiences and a broad leading technology portfolio VetterTec has developed a number of optimized and energy integrated drying systems, so called Complex Drying System Solutions.

These systems are usually a combination of all approved VetterTec technologies, which are extended in close partnership by components from leading international companies. Typically, these are evaporators and dewatering devices as upstream components, as well as granulation devices, packing machines, storage silos and truck loading stations as downstream components.

All components are well-tuned and fit perfectly in terms of energy reduction, product quality and single point responsibility.

Brewery Equipment

VetterTec provides brewery equipment with complete solutions for buffering, conveying, dewatering and drying of spent grains as well as yeast drying equipment.

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